The easiest way to manage your cryptocurrency portfolio.

We help you build an investment portfolio composed of Bitcoin and other crypto-assets; a variety of currencies, shares, contracts and indexes. You can now easily create your perfect portfolio in this exciting new economy.

Why Bitblu?

Crypto-currency investment is hard...

Our mission is to make your digital investment experience easy and secure.

To make smart investment decisions on your own, you would need to know the meaning of such terms as Litecoin, PPCoin, Ripple and ASICMiner. Bitblu helps you navigate this complex world by building simple indexes and investment tools that make it as easy to understand as the S&P 500 or Google Finance.

Transparency means everything to us

We will set the bar for transparency in the Bitcoin world.

It is important to us that you know as much as you want to about every aspect of your investment portfolio, and that you can rest assured with knowledge about how your funds are doing. We promise to never play dirty, and to be completely honest and open about what do and how we do it.

Meet the people behind Bitblu



Founder and CEO


Founder and CPO


Advisory board


Bitcoil founder

David A.

BitAngels founder


David A. Johnston | Engine Inc., BitAngels

"Bitblu is developing an important new tool for investors in the Bitcoin and broader digital currency eco-system. The ability to buy a proportional ownership in these new digital currencies without all the hassle of setting up different accounts will be a big step forward for the community."

Pamir Gelenbe | Bitcoin London, Hummingbird Ventures

"Bitblu is building the infrastructure components required by anyone considering investing in cryptocurrency asset baskets. This is the future of investing."

Stefan Thomas | CTO of OpenCoin Inc. (Ripple)

"Navigating the space of math-based currencies can be daunting. I think there is a huge opportunity for Bitblu to improve transparency in this sector and make it easier for investors to manage their cryptocurrency portfolio!"

Eden Shochat |, the Israeli Bitcoin Foundation

"Crypto currencies are one of those tidal waves that change a complete industry.

With banks and other legacy financial institutions at best not really getting it, and at worst trying to work against it, there comes a need for a new form of portfolio management. I can't wait to see the first deployments of Bitblu and how this great team tackles this problem."

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